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  • United World Colleges (UWC)

    UWC Refugee Initiative

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    The UWC Refugee Initiative, supported by UNHCR, aims to provide 100 scholarships a year to enable refugee and internally displaced students to attend one of 18 UWC colleges worldwide teaching the International Baccalaureate.

    The vision is that the UWC Refugee Initiative will inspire and enable young refugee leaders to become catalysts for change. A UWC education will equip young refugees with the skills and awareness necessary to address the political, economic and social inequalities and the ethnic or religious tensions that their communities face, and will foster an entrepreneurial mindset. They will, in turn, become the changemakers and messengers of hope so urgently needed, both by their peers today and for the rebuilding of their post-conflict societies in the future.

  • Details at a glance

    Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, Costa Rica, Eswatini, Germany, Hong Kong SAR China, Italy, Netherlands, Tanzania, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States
    All fields of study
    No deadline has been announced
    Full scholarship for the full period of studies
    Applicants up to age 17 are eligible
  • Requirements

    Targeted nationalities
    Targeted Country of Asylum
    Accepted status documentation
    Not required, Depends on candidate
    Language of Instruction
    English, UWC Costa Rica - offers the two year IB in both English and Spanish
    Language Proficiency Level
    Not applicable
    Which certificate do you require to prove the required language proficiency?
    None - Support is given to students who require assistance in developing the language skills required to effectively integrate into their new communities and to follow an academic programme in English.
  • More details about this opportunity

    • What is covered in this program
      Application fees
      Monthly stipend (e.g. food allowance)
      Local transportation expenses
      Health insurance
      Travel costs to the third country
      Pre-admission exam fees
      Settling in
      Transition of documents
    • Type(s) of visa/residency permit granted upon arrival
      Student visa for the relevant country of studies would be provided for duration of studies.
    • Is the student allowed to work while studying?
      Not applicable/Not specified
    • Can the nuclear family accompany or join the main applicant?
    • Are there options to stay after graduation?
      Other N/A
    • Application period
      Continuous enrolment/registration
  • For further questions contact the scholarship provider

  • Additional note

    UWC (United World Colleges) is a global education movement that makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.     

    UWC has 18 schools and colleges on 4 continents, the majority of which focus exclusively on the 16-19 year-old age group: a time when young people’s energy and idealism can be guided towards empathy, responsibility and lifelong action. These colleges teach the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma as their formal curriculum, a qualification that UWC played a major part in developing, while also emphasising the importance of experiential learning, community service and outdoor activities.

  • Disclaimer

    The content presented on this site has originated from the third party providers. UNHCR is not responsible for the application process or oversight of the opportunities presented here. Questions on a particular opportunity should be directed to the relevant provider.

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