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    Transition course to university studies (last two years undergraduate or master)



    In September 2015, the University of Barcelona (UB) launched its Support programme for refugees and people from conflict areas, which is managed by the UB Solidarity Foundation (UBSF).

    This Programme incorporates, among other actions, the exemption from the payment of tuition fees for degrees and (official and non inter-university) master’s degrees at the University of Barcelona; Spanish language studies for foreigners; accommodation, as well as access to psychological, legal and medical care services.

    However, the most innovative initiative in the framework of the Programme has been the organization of three editions of a Transition course to university studies which, from the conception of providing a comprehensive aid for studies and accommodation, has as its aims to promote the incorporation into undergraduate (last two years of the degree) or master’s degree, from the University of Barcelona, ​​of refugee students or those who are in situations assimilated to that of the refuge, in the terms defined by the High Commissioner for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

    This initiative is aimed at non-EU students who are threatened and/or displaced in their countries of origin or refugees in countries of first reception or transit, and is part of what UNHCR defines as complementary and safe pathways for refugees to third countries. Applicants must not have any previous knowledge of Spanish or Catalan, as one of the specific purposes of the course for which the grant is awarded is for them to learn these two languages.

    In all three previous editions, as in this one, this is an initiative co-financed by the University of Barcelona, ​​the UB Solidarity Foundation and the Directorate of Global Justice and Cooperation Services of the Barcelona City Council.

    General purpose of the grants

    • To promote access to higher education for university students who are refugees or who hold a similar status as defined by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), whose educational and life-time ambitions have been interrupted by armed conflicts or other situations that breach human rights, whether for expressing political opinions or religious beliefs, because of their sexual orientation, gender, for belonging to ethnic or social minorities, or for any other reason.
    • To provide alternative avenues that are safe for refugees, in line with the recommendations and in the spirit of those made by UNHCR.
    • To bolster job competencies and the future employability of the students, whether in host countries or their countries of origin, whenever they are able and wish to return to them.
  • Details at a glance

    All fields of study
    Until 22/02/2022
    Bachelor's, Master's
    Full scholarship for the full period of studies, Full scholarship for the first year, renewable
    Applicants up to age 30 are eligible
    0.00 USD
    In-person programme delivery
  • Requirements

    Targeted nationalities
    Targeted Country of Asylum
    Accepted status documentation
    Refugee certificate, Asylum seeker certificate, Complementary or temporary /protection status certificate, The documentation that proves refugee status or an applicant’s need for asylum as defined by UNHCR, namely, applicants must have been forcibly displaced from their place of residence, suffer persecution or have reasonable fears that they will suffer it.
    Language of Instruction
    Spanish, Catalan
    Language Proficiency Level
    Not applicable
    Which certificate do you require to prove the required language proficiency?
  • More details about this opportunity

    • Opportunity timing
      Recurring annual opportunity
    • Duration of support provided
      For the duration of studies
    • What is covered in this program
      Language training
      Preparation courses
      Monthly stipend (e.g. food allowance)
      Health insurance
      Mentoring or psycho-social support
    • Type(s) of visa/residency permit granted upon arrival
      International Student Visa
    • Is the student allowed to work while studying?
    • Can the nuclear family accompany or join the main applicant?
      Not applicable
    • Are there options to stay after graduation?
      Work permit/temporary residency; asylum application; Humanitarian status
    • Application fee
      No direct charges, but the academic institution may charge separate application fees
    • Application period
      Specific date (annual opportunity)
    • Opportunity annual timing
    • Release of the selection decision
  • For further questions contact the scholarship provider

  • Disclaimer

    The content presented on this site has originated from the third party providers. UNHCR is not responsible for the application process or oversight of the opportunities presented here. Questions on a particular opportunity should be directed to the relevant provider.

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