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    Habesha Project Scholarship

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    Habesha Project is a humanitarian civil society iniciative that was established in 2015 as a response to the greatest displacement crisis of our time; that caused by the armed conflict in Syria. Since that time, Habesha Project’s objective has been to make it possible for young Syrians whose studies were interrupted by the conflict to continue their university education in Mexico. To do that, we created a comprehensive model through which we select at-risk young Syrians, obtain a visa for them, validate their academic qualifications, finance their travel to Mexico, and cover their accomodation and living costs during their studies in the country. Also, thanks to our network of partner universities located across Mexico, our students study for their bachelor’s or master’s degrees on full scholarships.

    After years of gaining experience and refining our model, Habesha Project saw the need to look beyond the Syrian crisis, and begin tackling the displacement crisis taking place globally by offering higher education opportunities to young refugees from around the world.

  • Details at a glance

    All fields of study
    Until 09 July 2021 23:59 America/Mexico_city
    Bachelor's, Master's
    Full scholarship for the full period of studies
    Applicants up to age 30 are eligible
    0.00 USD
    In-person programme delivery
  • Requirements

    Targeted nationalities
    Targeted Country of Asylum
    Accepted status documentation
    Refugee certificate, Asylum seeker certificate, Complementary or temporary /protection status certificate
    Language of Instruction
    Language Proficiency Level
    Which certificate do you require to prove the required language proficiency?
    The scholarship includes an first year of an Intensive Spanish Learning Course to support the students to achieve a B2 level in Spanish in 12 months.
  • More details about this opportunity

    • Opportunity timing
      Recurring annual opportunity
    • What is covered in this program
      Application fees
      Language training
      Preparation courses
      Monthly stipend (e.g. food allowance)
      Local transportation expenses
      Health insurance
      Mentoring or psycho-social support
      Travel costs to the third country
      Pre-admission exam fees
      Settling in
      Transition of documents
    • Type(s) of visa/residency permit granted upon arrival
      Students visa through a Mexican Embassy. The process is supported by Habesha Project. Upon arrival in Mexico a permanent residency through a refugee process will be issued.
    • Is the student allowed to work while studying?
      It is possible, however, it is necessary to ask for a special permit to the National Institute of Migration in Mexico. The special permit has a fee.
    • Can the nuclear family accompany or join the main applicant?
    • Are there options to stay after graduation?
      Permanent residency; citizenship application; asylum application; Other To apply for citizenship it is necessary to at least have 5 years under a permanent residency. Requesting asylum upon arrival makes this process more a like.
    • Application fee
    • Application period
      Application periods and modalities will be announced in the Habesha Project website at the end of February 2021
    • Release of the selection decision
      After April 2022
  • For further questions contact the scholarship provider

  • Additional note

    Habesha Project stands out for its rigorous selection process. In coordination with internationally recognised humanitarian agencies, we receive applications from candidates who show exceptional personal and academic merit.

    Candidates who are interested in becoming Habesha Project beneficiaries send us two letters of recommendation, a motivation letter, and their transcripts. Habesha Project’s Selection Committee meticulously inspects each candidate’s documentation, and if the candidate passes this stage, he or she goes on to a series of interviews designed to identify academic committment, as well as active interest in the promotion of peace. Once the candidate has been accepted, he or she is put on a waiting list until Habesha Project has the resources to transport him or her to Mexico.


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